DJI Mavic Air: the new hot drone of 2018

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DJI Mavic Air review

DJI known as the leader of the drone industry releases its new drone to start 2018 in a great way with the surprising Mavic Air.

Fans of Quadcopters, video and photo enthusiasts should take a look at the Mavic Air, a combination of the 4k Mavic Pro and the easy-to-use Spark.

Compact and lightdji mavic air specs

  • 430g
  • Folded: 168×83×49 mm (L×W×H)
  • Unfolded: 168×184×64 mm (L×W×H)

The Mavic Air takes the folding design of mavic pro for only 430g or 300g less than its big brother.

Once folded this drone is a little larger than a smartphone and will accompany you easily on your journeys.

Cameradji mavic air price

  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • 4k, 30fps, 100mbps
  • 12MP 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, f/2.8, 24mm
  • 32MP panoramas
  • 8GB MicroSD card expandable to 128GB

Supported by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, the camera can record in 4k at 30fps and take pictures in 12 megapixel HDR.

The result is that we have a very stable video without vibrations and beautiful images.

Also, the Mavic Air allows you to take slow motion in 1080p at 120fps for a very good effect and a panorama of 32mp.

DJI introduces usb-c for content transfer but unfortunately not for the charger who still owns.

Flightdji mavic air specs

  • Max flight time/distance: 21min / 10km
  • Max speed: 28.8 kph normal mode/  68.4 kph sport mode
  • Max altitude: 5000m

The new member of DJI can fly for 21min with a maximum altitude of 5000m, with a wind of 36kph and keep a good stability.

In normal mode, the Mavic Air can fly at the maximum speed of 28.8 kph, if it is not enough for you just turn on the sport mode with a button…

…that allows you to reach 68.4 kph but be careful, in sport mode the obstacle avoidance is stopped.

With all this you have a very strong companion, the only black spot here is the noise, the air mavic is quite noisy.

Remote controller

  • Max range smartphone: 80m, live view in 720p at 30fps
  • Max range remote control: 4 km, live view in 720p at 30fps

Like other drones in the family, the Mavic Air can be controlled by smartphone and gestures for a range of 80 m that allows you to control it with your hands free.

you can also use the foldable remote control, which has removable joystiks with a range of 4km and a live view in 720p at 30fps.

Intelligent and automated flight modesdji mavic air vs mavic pro

  • ActivTrack
  • QuickShots
  • smartCapture
  • TapFly
  • FlightAutonomy 2.0 and APAS

As mentioned above with the Mavic Air and the DJI GO 4 app, you have many automated flight modes that let you take great photos and videos, like SmartCapture taken from the Spark to take pictures with simple gestures.

Then, in the DJI features, we have ActivTrack, your drone can track up to 16 selected subjects.

Another good mode is QuickShots, with a single button your drone flies in a programmed mode around you and your area to give you a professional result.

The most impressive new features are FlightAutonomy 2.0 and Advance Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS).

The first is the use of seven onboard cameras and infrared sensors to build a 3D map of the environment of the drone…

…and the second allows your drone to automatically bypass obstacles.

These two features prevent your drone from crashing, the system works pretty well even if your drone can still fly through leaf and branch.

Price and releasedji mavic air drone

The Mavic Air is now available.

$799 Package: drone, battery, a charger, redesigned remote controller, a small carrying case, two pairs of propeller guards and four pairs of propellers.

$999 Package Fly More Bundle:  the drone, three batteries, a remote controller, a travel bag, two pairs of propeller guards, six pairs of propellers, a battery to power bank adapter and battery charging hub.


DJI offers us with the Mavic Air a very good and enjoyable drone, compact with powerful features like automated flight modes and 4k camera, all cheaper than the mavic pro.

If the maximum flight time is too short for you, it can be easily solved with additional batteries at $79, which is not a big expense considering the price of the drone or take the Fly More Bundle.

DJI hits hard for the beginning of this year, it promises us a lot of innovation and a nice future for drones.

Order DJI Mavic Air HERE:

DJI Mavic Air ==>
DJI Mavic Air Fly More Bundle ==>

DJI Mavic Air: the new hot drone of 2018
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